Tony needs a bath

Tony intake photo, 2009.

DOB September 24, 2005

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Tony is baby brother to Evelin and nephew to Margaret and all three children are coming to Tumaini House to live and go to school.

Tony’s was the first home visit I made, initially to interview his mother about he and big sister Evelin.  The village elders had contacted us in the hope that we’d be able to provide some measure of relief to this family of eight children sharing a small mud hut with their mother.  All were starving, and often, as the baby, Tony was left home alone without supervision or food.

His physical with Dr. Lyimo revealed that little Tony had typhoid, a recurring urinary tract infection and requires minor surgery which will be performed upon my return at year’s end.  Blood tests were not welcomed by this little guy but were endured without a tear.  He is a sweet spirited young man who is quick to smile and although quiet, is always looking about and absorbing everything occurring around him.  Tony is quick to take your hand or sit on your lap and like every other child I met in Usa River, LOVES chocolate!

We at Tumaini House intend to get this little guy settled and then begin lessons in English, the alphabet and counting.  He will be an eager student.


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