Rashid Intake

Rashid intake photo, January 2012.

DOB July 7, 2003

Came under Tumaini care January 2012.

WOW!  This little boy is something!  So badly malnourished that his little body may never fully recover, Rashid (orphaned, living and starving with his grandmother), who is HIV+ arrived in early 2012 fighting AIDS.  Without funds, Rashid had missed appointments (about a 35 km. drive) to his monthly HIV clinic which also meant he missed treatment.  We have changed all THAT!  Today he thrives!  Strong, SO very smart (he picked up a full English vocabulary in just ONE year) and VERY, VERY happy this little man may grow up to be President!  Charming, flirtatious and very, very sweet he immediately endears himself to everyone at Tumaini!

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