Nelson M.

Nelson Minja

Intake photo 2010

DOB March 15, 1994

Came under Tumaini care January, 2010.


“My name is Nelson EvanceMinja and I am sixteen years old.  I am Form III student at Muungano Secondary School .  I have two brothers, Reward and Kelvin and one sister, Mary.  I have no parents.  My father died 2004, suffering from headache.  My mother died 2007 due to cancer.  I got my primary education at Leganga Primary School.  I remember, before the Standard VII result in 2007 that my mother passed away.  This caused the family to be in hard time because nobody counseled us.  My brothers and sisters and I lost direction where to go, we had no school fees, as well as no food and other needs.  We decided to ask for help to other people.  My sister went to the government who put me in day school but this was very hard for me because when Mary and Reward went to school I stayed alone at home.  Sometimes I had no food, clothes and also care of parents.  But I thank God because my performance is very good in school and the final exam in Form II I was second out of 174 students.  Mama Mandela helped me with food sometimes and she is the one who introduced me to Mama Dee (Cherie Szucs).  I am so proud to have to meet Mama Dee because she decided to help me under umbrella of Tumaini Children’s Foundation.  I am very happy now.  I am going to join Ailanga Seminary.”  Nelson Minja.  (Most recent report shoes him as a B and C student with only one D in Bible Knowledge.  Nelson assures me he will finish his year Division I.  I am confident he will.)


Nelson, dedicated as he was aced his entrance exam into Ailanga Secondary School and Lutheran Seminary, just north of Usa River and now attends there.  Mary and Reward, after helping us at Tumaini House on weekdays, and volunteering with our AIDS orphans (Mana OVC) on Saturday mornings, return home and wait for what they hope and pray are grades good enough to get them into university and, Kelvin, it turns out, was living in an abusive environment where the “family friend” used him as a houseboy or unpaid servant, keeping him home from school, not feeding him, and overworking him with household chores.  Mary begged us to help bring him home and give him a better chance and Tumaini did just that.

First of all we pled Nelson’s case at Ailanga School and Seminary, which by the way, is the sixteenth best secondary school in the entire country!  Although they were full, his fine performance both at his old school and throughout his entrance exam gained him access.  We provided bedding, uniforms, shoes, books, etc., as well as helping with school fees which total sh. 1,090,000 or about $800.00 Cdn.

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