Mwanahamisi Intake

Mwanahamisi intake photo January, 2012.

DOB Unknown

Came under Tumaini care January, 2012.

This poor little girl came to us with all of the negative characteristics of the street child she was rapidly becoming. Terribly neglected by her HIV+ positive mother, she was left with the run of the village and at what we believe was the age of nine, had never attended school. Mwanahamisi behaves poorly in her attempts to get attention but often finds herself the butt of jokes or abuse by fellow Tumaini children. She tends to “extremes” in her behavior and often suffers the repercussions of those choices. She needs some love and attention and we give that to her as much as possible. Terribly neglectful of personal hygiene we have worked continuously with her to bolster her confidence and sense of self in an attempt to show her that she too, is important.

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