Martha Intake

Martha intake photo, 2009.

DOB Unknown

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Martha is big sister to Anna but by how much we do not know yet because we have no date of birth for her.  She is, at present, the only Tumaini child I haven’t met as she arrived a few weeks after I returned to Canada in April.  Anna and Martha’s story is a sad one and her arrival at Tumaini House was delayed because, due to excessive rains the roads were washed out and she could not be picked up from the village she was staying in after losing her mother.

Martha and Anna’s mother has been convicted of murder and imprisoned (for years), after, in her sleep, she accidentally rolled onto her infant child killing him.  As I explained in Anna’s bio, Songea, the region of Tanzania from where these sisters come is desperately poor and without a father or a mother to provide for them, these children didn’t stand a chance.  Friends of my partner Oddo’s family, who still live in that part of the country, pled with Oddo to assist and, as with all of our children, the need was great enough for us to welcome them to Tumaini House.

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