Lazaro Michael

Lazaro intake photo, 2009.

DOB 2001?

Came under Tumaini care September, 2009.

Lazaro and younger brother Stefano have both lost their parents to AIDS and are currently living, and starving with their uncle, aunt, and two cousins, in a one room mud hut in Usa River. His uncle is a night watchman but is unable to earn enough to support both his immediate and his extended families sufficiently. As a result, everyone is suffering.

He is a very quiet young man, and often the heartache of losing his parents is reflected in his eyes. It is painful to observe how many of the children of Usa River reflect that same hopeless sadness. While I was in Usa River, younger brother Stefano contracted malaria and worry and fear revisited this young man’s face once again as he thought about losing yet one more member of his family.

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