Latifa suffered with a lot of pain

Latifa intake photo, 2009.

DOB March 6, 2007

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Latifa is Masaai (native Indian of Africa) and lives in a very remote and tiny village many miles from Usa River, but, because she was born with a club foot, was rejected by her father (only two of our children have a father).  He feared in his ignorance that she was cursed and would bring bad luck to the village.

Latifa came to Usa River and lived with her grandmother and that is where I met her.  We attended Dr. Lyimo who sent us on to another Dr. Lyimo (no relation, Lyimo is a very common name in Tanzania) who is an orthopedic surgeon at Machame Hospital near Moshi and we scheduled her surgery.  It cost me $83.00 to change Latifa’s life.  Dr. Lyimo corrected her foot, she was allowed to rejoin her family in their remote village and we at Tumaini House may see her in 3 or 4 years to help her attend school if her family is unable to send her.

We have taken Latifa under the Tumaini wing and will provide her medical care as necessary and help her attend school in the future as I mentioned but for now she requires no further assistance.  Asante to Drs. Lyimo, both of them, for their guidance, advice and assistance and for allowing this child a chance at a “normal” life!!  Our first success story at Tumaini House . . . the first of many!!

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