Francis Intake

Francis intake photo, 2009.

DOB October 10, 2000

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Francis is one of the sweetest children a person could ever meet.  My photos do not do this young man justice in his temperament and concern for others.  He is a devout and practicing Roman Catholic and hopes to become a priest when he grows up.  He says grace for us at our gatherings and each prayer is heartfelt and unique.  Francis is big brother to Joseph and Janet whom we are also providing aid for.  The day I met Francis and his family and saw how they live was the first time I cried after arriving in Usa River.

Francis and his siblings have no parents are being raised by their Bibi (grandmother) who, in her seventies is completely blind in one eye and has very limited use of her left arm, (the result of a corrective surgery after an accident) which limits her ability to work and feed herself and the children.  Francis SHOULD be attending school, but poverty and the need for him to help care for his younger siblings prohibits the opportunity.  He and his brother and sister will all come to live at Tumaini House and each in turn, will attend school.

The living conditions for this family are deplorable.  Look at the photos.  There are two rooms where the four of them live/eat/sleep and a communal kitchen which is collapsing.  In spite of poor nutrition and hygiene, Francis was found to be one of our healthier children at Dr. Lyimo’s office.  His brother and sister are not so fortunate.

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