Esther intake photo, 2009.

DOB April 23, 2002

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Esther is a very special young lady, who, unfortunately is headed for several major surgeries, one, before I return at Christmas.  Esther was born with a “drop” foot, which will be her first surgery, where the tendons will be cut, stretched and reconnected and followed by extensive rehabilitative therapy.  In addition, both of her hands are “hooked” and curl inwards towards her inner wrists and are of little use.  Her fingers are fine but her motor skills are seriously compromised because of the “paralysis”.  In the new year, and when we have raised enough money, Esther will undergo two more surgeries to correct her hands.  The long term prognosis is very good for Esther and she will come to live at Tumaini House and go to school.  Esther, of the 28 children coming to Tumaini House is the ONLY child with a father.  Extreme poverty and the remoteness of her village make it impossible for her to attend school there, yet I am confident that it is only because she does have a father that she is still alive.  Children like Esther, who possess obvious physical or mental “abnormalities” are stigmatized for their differences, often abused, and in many cases, killed, out of ignorance and fear that they possess “evil spirits”.  Esther’s birth year is 2002, we are working on getting the date and her visit to Dr. Lyimo presented hookworm and typhoid both of which she was treated for.


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