Emmanuel Joseph

Emmanuel intake photo, 2009.

DOB May 17, 2002

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Emmanuel is the most shy child I have ever met!  Emmanuel’s mother died just six days after his birth and he has been raised by his Bibi (grandmother) who is well into her eighties and is unable to care for him any longer.  There has never been a father in Emmanuel’s world.  Emmanuel attends public school but is in a class with almost one hundred other students.  He sits on the floor.  He is not learning English which he will require in order to attend secondary school.  Primary school is taught in Swahili.  Passing the national entrance exam for secondary school is mandatory.  That exam is in English, as is secondary and post secondary education.  Less than 5% of Tanzanians complete secondary or “high” school.

While I was in Usa River I arranged for all of our children to attend medical examinations to assess health, diagnose HIV and other diseases and to deworm.   At his visit to Dr. Lyimo’s office, Emmanuel was diagnosed with hookworm, a urinary tract infection due to poor hygiene and is seriously underweight for his age.

Sweet, and very kind to other children, Emmanuel is one of those silent children who might be missed in a crowd.  We hope to expose him, in play and school to other boys and Mr. Oddo plans to work with Emmanuel to provide a male role model for him and help bring him out of his shyness, just a bit.

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