Daniel Intake-001

Daniel intake photo, 2009.

DOB August 14, 2005

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Daniel, Gerehad and Anna all arrived on the same day from one of the very poorest parts of Tanzania, Songea.  Anna’s sister Martha arrived later, after being delayed because of a road washout caused from extensive rains.

As I explained in Gerehad’s bio, both his and Daniel’s fathers are desperately poor and, afflicted with polio are unable to work and support their families.  Both little boys were in extreme need and as Songea is my partner Oddo’s hometown, relatives told him of their plights and we have welcomed them into the Tumaini family.

Daniel was quite a shy little boy when I first met him and also, quite serious.  Part of his aloofness may be attributed to me being perhaps the first white person he had ever come across, but a larger, much more serious explanation I believe revolved around his health.

As is the case with all of our children, Daniel visited Dr. Lyimo shortly after his arrival.  He needed the expected deworming, was malnourished, etc., but additionally, Daniel, and Gerehad both had contracted an amoeba probably from swimming in contaminated water, which, at diagnosis and treatment was causing severed blood in the urine and, left untreated, would have led the boys to paralysis.  Both were very lucky to come to us when they did and to have received the medical treatment they needed when they did.  Both have made full recoveries.

Daniel warmed up quite a bit after a couple of weeks of rest, medicine and some good food.  He began to understand that he would receive good, healthy food EVERY day, and that he didn’t have to gorge himself in fear of the meal being his last.  Time spent with his new siblings at Tumaini House allowed him to open up and begin to play, colour, learn English AND Kiswahili, the alphabet, etc.  He LOVES movie night and the bicycles we brought from Canada, but works still to ride a two wheeler.

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