Connie Intake-001

Connie intake photo, 2009.

DOB May 16, 2005

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

an update as of June 17, 2010 – On my last trip to Usa River, from January to April, I did finally meet up with this little girl and what a sweetheart she is.  Her photos truly do not do her justice.  Connie is a very kind, generous little girl who has no trouble sharing toys (something new to her) with other children.

As I had mentioned in my earlier writing about her, Connie has lost both of her parents to AIDS and her extended family, desperately poor, was trying to provide care for but the region from where Connie comes, Songea, in southern Tanzania is very poor and there simply wasn’t enough to go around.

As is the case with Anna, Martha, Gerehad and Daniel, Connie’s plight was brought to Oddo’s attention through family members who still live in Songea and we have welcomed her with us.

Connie is eager to please and fit in and enjoys immensely biscuits.  Usually after lunch and a rest I will call the children to me to dole out “Nice” biscuits.  Do you remember the Peek Freen version here?  Well in Tanzania another company makes them and they are delicious!  I can purchase a tin of them for about $3.00 and we share them in the afternoons.  Connie is one of the children I can trust to “fairly” pass out cookies . . . foregoing the, “one for me, one for you, another for me” tricks some of the other children try.  She is a bit shy, very studious and loves to draw pictures when we hand out the crayons!

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