Antony intake

Antony intake photo, January, 2012.

DOB 2000?

Came under Tumaini care January, 2012.

This little boy originates from just outside Moshi about 45 km. to the east of us.  Having lost both of his parents, Antony was bounced from family member to member until he finally returned to his village and his grandmother who continued to raise him.  Left with an untended ear infection Antony lost his hearing (completely in one and partially in the other ear), and although rich in love (and bananas which were the family business), there simply was not enough money for treatment . . . nor school.

We met Antony in 2011 and began treating and providing care for him.  He came to Tumaini infested with chiggers (he slept beside his bibi’s (grandmother’s) animals) and without hearing of any kind in one ear.  We had him treated by a specialist, cleaned him up and found him a special school for the hearing impaired south of Moshi.  He signs in two ways, traditional and “Antonial”.  Antony ended 2012 at this school but with his hearing improved it was decided to bring him to Tumaini full time and register him in school.  We have hesitated to immerse him in English Medium yet as he still has a long way to go to “catch up”.


Antony, 2013.


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