DOB – 2009?

Came under Tumaini care in April, 2014 – Alex is looking for sponsorship support

Alexi-005Whoa this little boy!!  His story will break your heart but his smile will melt it!  Oddo and I were called out to make an emergency home visit in our village by the balozi (or “neighborhood watchmen” of this section of the village.

Alexi is like a sweet, coy, sly, (need I continue?) tornado!  He is busy ALL the time, playing, running, swinging, hugging, snitching a biscuit or a pipi (sweet) all the while agreeable (for the moment) to one’s reasoning that “enough” is enough, (for the moment)!  There is no other child at Tumaini who says, “Haya mama”, (OK mama), more than this little tyke!

To give you a perspective, one day Liadi came running into my office, slammed and locked the door, and, leaning against it, and panting, exclaimed, “don’t open it mama!  It’s Alexi!”.

Does he LOVE trucks!

Does he LOVE trucks!

He didn’t mean anything untoward, simply, he was EXHAUSTED!  Alex’s energy is intense, but he listens and (for the moment) will heed a warning that he has pushed the envelope too far.  How can anyone get upset with that smiling face??

Well, his father, who is a drinker evidently can.

Being the rambunctious and busy and dare I say, excitable little boy that he is, one day Alex ate the family supper – all of the family supper – SO – his father took both of his hands and put them in the fire as punishment.

Alexi and Liadi

Liadi and Alexi!

We had the father charged but he pleaded mental illness and in Tanzania that is a free ticket out of jail and back into the home to inflict further damage.  We pled with Alex’s mother to leave but she refuses . . . we can only do so much.

Today, Alexi still carries the scars and will for a long time, but this little guy’s spirit is incredible and his joy at being loved is immeasurable.  No one will EVER forget having met this personality . . . I promise!

Alex Emmanuel (1)

On our first day . . .

Alex Emmanuel (9)

Showing me his burns

Alex Emmanuel (4)

Who can do this?


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